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February 01 2018


You’ve heard of:

Thanks, I hate it!

Get ready for:

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I made a beautiful thing.

also i updated my comfort characters page

i still got a twitter if yall wanna put up with my bullshit on there too


January 31 2018

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i don’t think anyone else has made this post although it feels deeply obvious? like i was born knowing this? anyway i can’t see one of these images without thinking of the other

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reblog to keep cotton eyed joe sealed away

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R A D I C A L  

this is the most self indulgent doodle, but yo girls and big swords…..is a mood.

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Being a dad the right way


hey guys! the moment I’ve been waiting for all my life is finally (partly) here: my dad is now a permanent legal resident of the United States! now he is able to start the process himself to help my mom become a legal resident as well. the only problem is, they are struggling financially due to a number of circumstances including the fact that my dad will soon have to take work off for a necessary surgery. we would be extremely grateful to receive help in this matter, my parents both have been trying to get this done since I was a toddler so that they would be able to visit family in Mexico (that they haven’t seen for over a decade) and still be able to return to the states. they need $2750 to be able to pay for the process, please help if you’re able, my paypal is PayPal.me/AbrahamR, or DM me if there is another payment method you’d rather use. reblog to spread the word, thank you! 💖

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These images emit the same kind of energy

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My fav Kermit meme (Inspiration)



I added a code to my blog that prevents Pinterest pinning without permission if any other artists are interested

reblogging to share the resource but I do want to point out that the code amounts to “pinterest no pinning”. like dora the explorer’s swiper the fox… but if swiper were a middle-aged stay-at-home-mom with a smartphone. technology is truly amazing

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仕女头像 by 尧立插图

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