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June 30 2017

ive got lots sketchbooks with content ive never posted so dont worry this blog wont run dry

asked the doctor how long until im able to hold a pencil/draw again and he said three weeks probably. im not gonna be able to draw forbthree whole weeks :/

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Syrian bellydancer Princess Madiha (1970′s)

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the difference in the emotions invoked in these two pictures despite their clear connection is terrifying

walking barefoot in a medical facility…is a familiar feeling…almost like being in a liminal space

i was rushed to the er in my boxers, a shirt drenched in my blood, and no shoes. my finger still works so i dont have to give up on becoming an animator.


whats up everybody i almost got my finger ripped off completely from my hand last night

what happened was two of our larger dogs got into a fight with each othsr and like a moron i rushed in to break it up but its just a storm of teeth and hair and my hand is caught in the midst of it, my index finger is nearly torn off, and my mom hauls ass to the er. im fine now theres still pain and today im heading to the doctors for a follow up

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How light can change your appearance.





Coconuts have only been in the Caribbean for 500 years. They just….floated on over from Asia and took root. That’s…hilarious.

Wait really? I always thought they were if not native at least brought over on purpose

Right??? I’m watching this nature doc and when the narrator said that I nearly spit my drink giggling. They’re remarkably buoyant and just bob their way to a new shore. So carefree. Truly a fruit destined to be in the Caribbean.

are you suggesting coconuts migrate

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there is no medical component to a trans kid transitioning

if a little trans boy comes out to his parents & is like 4 all youd do for his transition is cut his hair, buy a new wardrobe, & switch pronouns & possibly change names

no one is gonna put a little 4 year old on testosterone OR puberty blockers until theyre actually about to start puberty & then they give them a few years to really decide if they want to start hormones

a trans kid existing isnt “child abuse.”
child abuse is refusing to let your kid live their lives as they truly are & forcing them to present as a gender they arent

radfems who interact with this post will be blocked & your argument will not be read or even considered. i do not care about the opinion of a transphobe & my original post still stands.

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yall: stay in ya lane, hoe.


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Bringing this back for BLACKOUT, because WHY NOT?! I love this photoset! 🌹🌹🌹❤️


whats up everybody i almost got my finger ripped off completely from my hand last night

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